Month: May 2017

Why our Partnership with Cloudera Altus is a No Brainer

  As you may have read, Talend recently announced its support for Cloudera Altus, a newly released Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that simplifies running large-scale data processing applications in the public cloud. For us, supporting Altus at launch was the absolute easiest decision given that so many of our customers are looking to realize the cost, […]

Using Neural Networks with Talend DI and ESB

  This article originally appeared on Rilhia Solutions Many times during Data Integration projects we have situations where we have to analyze the data in order to come up with acceptance criteria for it. In a lot of cases, this is pretty straight forward and can be easily written into simple rule-based logic. But in some […]

Talend & Couchbase: Jumping into the NoSQL Database World

  While the whole world is shifting towards big data, NoSQL has become a crucial technology in the data management industry. The need for moving and transforming data between traditional and modern systems has likewise become mission critical for data-driven businesses. This data movement could either be to a new data warehouse project or migrating […]

What the NFL Still Needs to Learn about Big Data

  Praying for next season will continue until the league gets better at data integration. Nobody loves stats and data more than football fans. From yards-after-catch (YAC) to possible correlations between the NFC winning the Super Bowl and a Republican winning the White House, rabid fans follow every conceivable story the numbers might tell. There […]