Month: June 2017

How to Configure ELK Stack for Telemetrics on Apache Spark

  In this blog, I want to go over how to set up and deploy a Talend Spark Streaming job into a new Elastic Stack instance. Spark is the engine of choice for near real-time processing, not only for Talend but also for many organizations who have a need for large-scale lightning fast data processing. […]

What Everyone Should Know about Machine Learning

  Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a lot of decision-makers about artificial intelligence in general and machine learning in particular. Several of these executives had been asked by their investors about their machine learning (ML) strategies and where they have already implemented ML. So how did this technical […]

Talend Summer ’17: What’s New in Self-Service Apps?

  Since the launch of our Winter ’17 release of Talend, we’ve offered a new range of self-service data management applications that accelerate and facilitate digital transformation at all levels of your organization. Indeed, one of the main keys of successful digital transformation initiatives is the ability to put the data in the hands of […]

Do You Have the Data Agility Your Business Needs?

  Data is the new battleground. For companies, the situation is clear – their future depends on how quickly and efficiently they can turn data into accurate insights. This challenge has put immense pressure on CIOs to not only manage ever-growing data volumes, sources, and types, but to also support more and more data users […]

Talend Summer ’17: Run Big Data Integration Workloads on Any Cloud

Today we announced our Summer ’17 release, which brings powerful new capabilities to enable Talend customers to run multiple big data integration workloads easily on any of the leading cloud platforms. Multi-cloud has become the new reality, and we’re excited to offer businesses of all sizes greater data agility by extending our already extensive support […]

How to Process HL7 Data Using Talend Data Mapper

  As HL7 is the de-facto standard in the health industry, we often get a lot of questions from customers about how to integrate different HL7 standard based systems using Talend and communicate via MLLP (Minimal Lower Layer protocol). In this blog, I will briefly introduce HL7 and its integration with Talend. What is HL7 […]

How to Start Incorporating Machine Learning in Enterprises

  The world is long past the Industrial Revolution, and now we are experiencing an era of Digital Revolution. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data Analysis are the reality of today’s world. I recently had a chance to talk to Ciaran Dynes, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Talend and Justin Mullen, Managing […]

Data Matching 101: How Do You Tune Data Matching?

  This blog is the third part of a three-part series looking at data matching. In the first part, we looked at the theory behind data matching. In the second part, we looked at the tools Talend provides in its suite to enable you to do data matching, and how the theory is put into […]

Microservices – A Lean Thinking Approach

  Overview Microservices is often quoted as an architectural style for software development as a variant derived from the foundations of Service Oriented Architecture(SOA). However, the primary reason for embracing this approach is to encourage lean thinking in software development. The emphasis is on building a set of business capabilities that are self-contained, autonomous and loosely […]