Month: September 2017

An Informatica PowerCenter Developers’ Guide to Talend – II

  Thanks to all our readers for a very positive response to my previous blog on “Informatica PowerCenter Developers Guide to Talend”. The first part of the series provided an overview of the architectural differences between PowerCenter and Talend. It also provided a primer on Talend Studio – our unified development environment – for developers […]

For AI to Change Business, It Needs to Be Fueled with Quality Data

  There’s no doubt that AI has usurped big data as the enterprise technology industry’s new favorite buzzword. After all, it’s on Gartner’s 2017 Hype Cycle for emerging technologies, for a reason. While progress was slow during the first few decades, AI advancement has rapidly accelerated during the last decade. Some people say AI will […]

Time to Consider a New “V” for Big Data: Virtue

  Big ethical questions emerge as the power of Big Data continues on an upward spiral. Remember when “Big Data” meant a terabyte or so? If you don’t I suspect I know why, you blinked..  and you missed it… It’s hard to believe there was a time when the total volume of customer data coursing […]

Talend 和 Apache Spark:技术入门指南

加入 Talend 客户成功架构师团队前,我曾在支持工程师岗位上任职多年,那时候客户经常问及 Talend 的 Apache Spark 相关功能。谈到 Spark,我们总是会首先想到用来提交 Spark 作业的 Spark submit(Spark 提交)命令。由此一来,问题自然而然转到 Talend Spark 作业如何与常规 Spark submit 相当。在本篇博客中,我们将介绍所提供的不同 Apache Spark 模式,Talend 使用的模式,以及 Talend 如何与 Apache Spark 协同工作。 Apache Spark 作业简介 Apache Spark有两种不同的作业类型可供您提交,分别是 Spark Batch(Spark 批处理)和 Spark Streaming(Spark 流式处理)。Spark Batch 在批处理模式下运行,其中数据集按时间段收集,然后发送到 Spark 引擎进行处理。 而 Spark Streaming 则在流式处理模式下运行,其中数据逐项发送到 Spark 引擎,然后实时进行处理。Talend 支持这两种类型的作业,能够帮您针对每一类型创建 Spark 作业。Talend Studio 为您提供两个选项,一个是“大数据批处理”,用于创建 […]

Your Company can be Google Smart Too – You Just Need Some Learning – Machine Learning That Is

  Google has been using machine learning to improve its business analytics for years, and judging from all the recent excitement about the technology, you’d assume enterprises everywhere would be following suit. Yet, the reality is somewhat different. According to some studies, only 22 percent of companies are already using machine learning’s analytical power by implementing […]

[Podcast] Digging into Digital Transformation: Featuring Marco Iansiti of Harvard

  The digital-era is in full force. CEOs no longer fear technology, they now fear missing out on the potential impact technology could bring to their organizations. However, many face hurdles integrating the various digital initiatives across their business in order to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. So who within the organization is ultimately responsible for […]

Mergers, Acquisitions and Customer Experience in the Age of Data

  When one company acquires a smaller entity or engages in a merger of equals, it’s important for both sides of the organization to come to the table and outline how said merger will impact everything from people, systems, brand, products, and services all the way down to real-estate. When companies merge, they can make […]