Talend Partners with Cloudera, Qlik, and Keyrus to Deliver Real-time Customer Personalization

New Solution Utilizes Artificial Intelligence to Help Companies Deliver a More Robust Customer Experience

Redwood City, CA - December 19, 2017 -

Talend (NASDAQ: TLND), a global leader in cloud and big data integration solutions, today unveiled a new joint offering with its partners at Cloudera, Qlik, and Keyrus, called Customer Experience Excellence (C2X), a unified, 360-degree-customer-view solution that enables real-time personalization of each customer encounter. C2X combines historical, real-time and back-end data with advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence to help organizations respond to customer actions in real-time and with the right personalization strategy.  

“Most companies are still just scratching the surface when it comes to harnessing real-time information to understand and address customer needs in a personalized way. While many companies recognize the importance of having a solid customer-360 initiative, few have accurate, up-to-date customer data or the infrastructure to serve it up in a unified way,” said Ciaran Dynes, SVP, Products, Talend. “This collaboration with Keyrus, Qlik, and Cloudera will empower companies to build robust customer intimacy programs that inspire lasting customer loyalty and help increase share of wallet.”

According to Gartner, “Your brand’s proficiency in collecting, integrating, analyzing, and reacting to customer data is integral to its ability to respond with more agility, efficiency, and effectiveness than competitors.”[1] Organizations today must provide an exceptional, ‘red carpet’-like experience for every constituent and buyer to compete for customer loyalty and share of wallet. A recent McKinsey report confirms that when “armed with advanced analytics, customer experience leaders gain rapid insights to build customer loyalty, make employees happier, achieve revenue gains of 5 to 10 percent, and reduce costs by 15 to 25 percent over two or three years. But it takes patience and guts to train an organization to see the world through the customer’s eyes and to redesign functions to create value in a customer-centric way.”[2]

C2X combines Keyrus’s data intelligence consulting expertise, Cloudera’s machine learning and analytics capabilities, and Qlik’s advanced data discovery and visualization technology, with Talend’s comprehensive data integration platform, Talend Data Fabric. The end-to-end solution enables companies to build customer-oriented data workflows easily that harness information from all known and future omnichannel customer contact points, including retail stores, call centers, Web sites, emails, mobile apps, and social media. C2X helps companies effortlessly integrate all customer data into a single data lake. It then applies advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence engines to help business users predict customer behaviors and recommend the right actions ‘just-in-time’, to improve the overall customer experience and increase the likelihood of a completed transaction. With C2X, sales employees can be confident and proactive in every customer interaction.

APRIL Technologies, a provider of IT solutions for APRIL Group companies, was one of the first companies to pilot the C2X solution with great success.

“The benefits of the C2X solution within the APRIL Group are threefold,” says Denis Bourdon, general manager of GIE APRIL Technologies. “The first is the successful adoption of advanced big data technologies. Second is the development of a solid business use case enabling APRIL Technologies to be a big data ambassador within the APRIL Group. And the third is a powerful technology platform flexible enough to support the needs of all our future big data projects. Together, these solutions help companies improve customer intimacy and grow revenue.”

To learn more about the full capabilities and benefits of the C2X customer personalization solution from Talend, Qlik, Cloudera, and Keyrus, visit http://p7tre.emv3.com/LP/a1RLWH54PHNO

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