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Talend Integration Cloud Summer ’16 – The Best of Both Worlds: Security & IT Productivity for AWS

Talend Integration Cloud Summer ’16 – The Best of Both Worlds: Security & IT Productivity for AWS


Talend Integration Cloud Summer ’16 went live last month and we couldn’t be more proud of our R&D team for pushing through some new and compelling AWS features for the enterprise. Coming on the heels of  Talend’s elevation within the AWS partner ecosystem to an Advanced Big Data Partner, the features we’ve released show our continued commitment to the AWS cloud platform.

With that in mind, let’s dig a bit deeper into the four major enhancements included in this release that will make working with Amazon Web Services even easier:

New connector for DynamoDB

AWS DynamoDB has always been critical for data-driven verticals such as gaming, adtech, e-commerce, and retail. With the new native DynamoDB connector included in Talend Integration Cloud, developers have the option of performing NoSQL integration in the cloud as well as the ability to execute high-performance reads and writes from an Apache Spark job (which few other cloud providers can offer). Talend’s expanded support for AWS broadens connectivity and cost-of-ownership options for big data projects in the cloud—which is always a bonus for IT leaders. Additionally, having the ability to read from a Spark job means there is built-in resiliency, especially when it comes to ingesting high-throughput document-oriented data. As a result, customers don’t have to spend additional development cycles ensuring proper ingestion of DynamoDB data— a huge boost for IT productivity.

Enterprise-Grade Security for Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3

With more and more enterprise companies using AWS Redshift and S3, it’s imperative that they adhere to stringent security standards in order to protect sensitive data. Most enterprise companies have vast data stores in legacy, on-premises databases that sit behind the firewall. It is this data that will be moved into AWS Redshift initially and synchronized back-and-forth on an ongoing basis until all the data is migrated into Redshift for data warehousing purposes.

When accessing such mission-critical data, it is important that the entire payload be encrypted when performing a data integration job. With the Summer ’16 release, Talend Integration Cloud enables SSL encryption throughout any job that accesses Redshift. Additionally, customers are able to encrypt Amazon S3 data on the client-side as well as server-side to guarantee the security of data in motion and data at rest.

Amazon S3 is also gaining importance within enterprises, especially amongst organizations that are data-driven. Amazon S3 is often viewed as a “data lake in the cloud” that businesses can drop vast amounts of structured and unstructured data into. This ‘data lake’ allows IT to assist with the complex analytics required to make sense of this data, but can also enable access to non-credentialed and unknowledgeable personnel within a department to spin up their own Amazon S3 clusters, which can lead to a major increase in IT costs. Now, using the latest version of Talend Integration Cloud, IT can inherit credentials from Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) to ensure that only authorized users are able to spin up and spin down Amazon S3 clusters, helping reduce ‘rogue’ cluster usage and associated costs.

Dynamic Cluster Resizing for AWS Redshift and EMR

Back in March, we announced the capability to spin up and spin down EMR or Redshift clusters automatically within a data integration job using Talend Integration Cloud. This means that companies don’t need to leave to their clusters idling unnecessarily, which leads to needless expense. We’ve now taken this concept a step further by allowing dynamic resizing of EMR or Redshift clusters. The impetus for this feature came from the fact that not all analytical workloads are created equal, and companies with heavy data warehousing workloads want to efficiently process their workloads at minimal costs.

Data Quality Profiling for AWS Redshift

It’s no secret that an increasing number of companies are migrating their legacy databases to AWS Redshift. For this reason, data quality profiling is an issue that has become increasingly important. Amazon Redshift’s architecture was designed to perform analytics at scale and is vastly different from many of the legacy databases out there today. As a result, ETL developers want to constantly collect metadata on their Redshift data warehousing jobs so they can rapidly identify inefficiencies and course correct. The Talend Integration Cloud Summer ’16 release includes the ability to profile Redshift data and adds yet another layer of efficiency in enterprise data warehousing operations and, ultimately, increases IT productivity.

Net-Net: Talend Integration Cloud Summer ’16 wraps up a lot of new features that help IT increase overall productivity and security— two of their top concerns. To learn more about the newest version of Talend Integration Cloud, register for this webinar on August 23rd. You can also go ‘hands on’ with all these new features using our 30-day free trial.

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