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[VIDEO] Modern Data Management Needs a Governed, Self-Service Approach

[VIDEO] Modern Data Management Needs a Governed, Self-Service Approach


IT Pros, have you felt left out of technical projects lately? Yes? You are not the only one. According to the Qlik-CXP 2016 Barometer, 34 percent of IT and BI executives are no longer involved in data-related projects.  Discover our video that illustrates in real-life how governed self-service helps IT take more initiative.

It’s generally understood that data is at the heart of the digital transformation. However, much of today’s data lies unused. In fact, IDC estimates that less than 1 percent of the data produced in the world is analyzed. And business users have a lot of progress to make in terms of utilization: according to McKinsey, only 7 percent of employees’  digital potential is currently achieved. According to Blue Hill Research, up to 80 percent of a data analysts’ time is spent preparing data, leaving only 20 percent of time for analysis, which is where they add the most value.

IT, excluded from digital transformation?

Finally, in the face of massive expectations, IT does not always provide the right answer despite its traditional dominance in data management: a small number of data specialists elaborate on data models, define access policies, oversee data management, quality, data protection and monitor its use.

This centralized governance is not adapted to the new situation: data management is the business of several stakeholders rather than that of a single specialist. In 2016, the Experian Group introduced new data experts such as data analysts (42%), the Chief Data Officer (22%), the Chief Financial Officer (22%) and the Chief Marketing Officer (14%). It says the CDO are involved in 42% of the cases, etc.

These new roles need data and want "everything right away". Giving these business users the ability  to be autonomous, and take control of data with intuitive tools to collect, optimize, analyze and integrate it in order to extract value. They no longer want to be passive in front of an IT department that teams them with predefined reports. It sounds like self-service, right?

IT, at the heart of digital transformation

But these business workers also want to be protected, guided and boosted. For example, an HR user will work more freely on sensitive data in SAP that he knows well, but IT only gave him access to the data to which he is entitled: time records but not salaries.

Alternatively, a marketing user will launch his campaign serenely if IT ensures that his campaign's Salesforce lists of leads and contacts respect the GDPR privacy regulations because they have all given their explicit prior consent.

Alternatively, if IT validates the data files shared between the different employees of a department by anonymizing confidential information and automates their injection into Netsuite without human manipulation—but that creates more work for IT.

It sounds like governance, right?

Governed self-service, a must-have for IT departments

Indeed, a new approach to data governance is emerging: governed, self-service wherein IT frames, protects and transforms the freedom of business users by multiplying their power over the data.

The trades immediately access the reliable sources of data desired, clean, transform, enrich and share them with simple tools to use. IT provides self-service access and clean-up of data without compromising compliance. It propagates a single version of the truth in the business, encouraging the exploitation of business expertise where it is and extending it to the entire enterprise.

A new IT - Business collaboration is established on the basis of governed, self - service, avoids the eternal "ping - pong" over dataset between data analyst and IT, and allows IT to take the initiative in its organization and sit in the driver's seat of the digital transformation.

Discover our video that illustrates governed, self-service in real-life situations.


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