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Talend Summer ’17: Run Big Data Integration Workloads on Any Cloud

Talend Summer ’17: Run Big Data Integration Workloads on Any Cloud

  • Jennifer Zhou
    Jennifer Zhou joined Talend as a Product Marketing Manager in 2016. In this role, Jennifer works with the Director of Product Marketing for Cloud to bring Talend Integration Cloud to new markets, and to drive Talend’s cloud strategy. Prior to Talend, Jennifer studied at the University of Washington Foster School of Business, where she picked up an MBA with a concentration in Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. Jennifer brings 6 years of marketing and business development experience from companies such as EMC, F5 Networks, and Microsoft.
  • June 13, 2017

Today we announced our Summer ’17 release, which brings powerful new capabilities to enable Talend customers to run multiple big data integration workloads easily on any of the leading cloud platforms.

Multi-cloud has become the new reality, and we’re excited to offer businesses of all sizes greater data agility by extending our already extensive support for AWS with new connectivity for Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Snowflake, and Cloudera Altus. For businesses who have deployed, or are considering buying and building applications across multiple clouds, Talend Summer ’17 offers you the ability to avoid vendor lock-in and minimize IT risks, as well as give you the power to choose best-of-breed solutions and pricing packages, so you can plan and grow your businesses faster and better than ever.

Want more details? Check out just a few of our favorite features from this release:

Microsoft Azure

In addition to the support for big data features such as Microsoft HDInsight, we extended our support for many more Microsoft big data, storage, and analytic services.

  •  Azure Table Storage, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure Queue Storage

The support for Azure Storage services in this release include newly released connectors for Azure Table Storage, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure Queue Storage. The Azure Queue Storage connector provide you with reliable messaging for processing and communication. Using the Azure Table or Blob Storage connector, you can load massive, diverse data sets for big data integration scenarios required for financial analysis, media, scientific research and so on.

Microsoft Blob Storage

  • Azure Data Lake Store

The connector for Azure Data Lake enables Talend customers to accelerate their own governed, and secure enterprise data lakes. You can now leverage Talend’s natively generated Spark and Machine Learning capabilities, or combine the existing support for Microsoft HDInsight, to perform big data analytics on files of any size and type.

  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse

The connector for Azure SQL Data Warehouse lets you take advantage of its massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture and easily migrate on-premises SQL server data and stored procedures to a scale-out data warehouse.

  • Azure CosmosDB

Azure CosmosDB is an affordable, globally distributed, highly available NoSQL database. Talend customers can leverage this feature to quickly deploy big data, real-time and ETL projects.

Check the Microsoft solution page to learn in detail about how Talend support the rich Azure ecosystem.

Google Cloud Platform

In addition to the existing support for Google Cloud Storage, we released the following features to help customers improve productivity, perform faster analytics and gain on-demand real-time insights using the Google Cloud Platform.

  • Google Cloud DataProc

Talend’s native connector for Cloud Dataproc allows users to use extensive machine learning and data quality capabilities on Spark and Hadoop, allowing them to run the most demanding big data integration projects.

  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub

With Talend’s connector for Google Cloud Pub/Sub, a real-time messaging service that allows users to send and receive messages between independent applications, customers now can derive on-demand insights by ingesting events and logs from Cloud Pub/Sub and process using Spark Streaming.

  • Google BigQuery

Talend’s connector for Google BigQuery empowers customers to leverage the serverless, highly concurrent data warehouse for significantly faster analytics.

Check out the Talend Google solution page to find out more about Talend to find out more about Talend and Google use cases.

Cloudera Altus

With this release, we are excited to become the first integration vendor to support Cloudera Altus. Altus is a newly released big-data-as-a-service, which allows companies to deploy big data projects dramatically faster with far less operational support, which is why the Cloudera and Talend partnership is a no-brainer.


Snowflake is the only data warehouse built for the cloud exclusively as a service. In this release, we announced native support for Snowflake to help customers deliver a 20X performance boost for bulk loading data and to easily move on-premises and cloud data to Snowflake. To learn about some specific Talend and Snowflake use cases, check out this blog.

If you are interested in getting a full view of the Summer ’17 release, visit our What’s New page where you can see a complete feature list, release videos, and much more. You can also sign up for our upcoming webinar to dive into these new features in-depth and see product demos. Also, be sure to try out our Talend Integration Cloud to experience those new features firsthand 30 days for free.

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