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解读 2018 年 Gartner 数据集成工具魔力象限

数据市场如今方兴未艾,各种机会纷至沓来。特别是云、大数据、机器学习和实时数据流领域,创新和变化之多前所未有。纵览这些市场创新,尤为令人自豪的是,Talend 连续第三次被 Gartner 在其 2018 年 Gartner 数据集成工具魔力象限中评为“领导者”,并且仍然是领先象限中唯一的开源供应商。

Apache Spark 和 Talend:性能和调优

首先,我希望感谢我前 2 篇有关“Talend 和 Apache Spark”主题的博客的所有读者。 如果您是第一次阅读此博客系列,且未阅读过我之前的帖子,可以单击此处阅读“

如何将数据从本地迁移至云端:Amazon S3

迁移至云端 2018 年是云计算之年,随着越来越多的公司转向云技术,了解自身业务如何充分利用云计算十分重要。企业目前面临的最大问题之一是将数据从本地数据库迁移至云端存储。如果没有正确的工具,这一过程可能冗长而繁琐。所幸有 Talend 助您一臂之力。 在 TALEND,曾经需要把我们的本地MySQL数据库迁移到云端 Amazon S3。相比处理 Apache Sqoop 的复杂操作,

“Moving to the Cloud”: Going Cloud First at University of Pennsylvania

Moving an 18th Century University to the Cloud UPenn is an Ivy League University. Founded in 1740, UPenn was the first university in the United States with both undergraduate and graduate studies. Today, the university has grown into a vast and complex organization with 25 thousand students and 12 different schools. Similarly, UPenn has recently undertaken a massive program to transform and grow the capabilities its IT infrastructu

The Cloud of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Cloud computing in the form we understand today started around 10 years ago, with the launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This was the first commercially viable option for businesses to store data in the cloud rather than on-premise and acted as a shared service for anyone connecting to the platform. Early stage cloud computing was certainly more technical than it is now. However, no more than managing a data center – something that IT departments at the time were well used to. Any

Building the Best Enterprise Data Strategy in 2018: How Our Customers Are Getting There

It’s an exciting time to be working in the Cloud, Big Data, and Machine Learning industry, but it’s even more exciting to hear how Talend customers are building their data strategy to drive business results.  Every year we invite representatives from some of our most strategic customers to join us for two days to share their experiences with Talend’s products and provide input into our roadmap. This year we had an amazing group representing some of the best-known brands in the

使用 Talend Cloud 以简单架构在 Azure 上构建大数据湖

大数据已成为企业塑造自身未来的最重要工具。Amazon、Uber 和 Netflix 等大公司都选择使用大数据,帮助加速推动从客户参与到新产品开发,再到业务优化策略等各个领域的创新。Hadoop、Spark、Kubernetes 和 Kafka 等大数据技术的崛起,以及云技术的广阔前景,让无数企业轻而易举地完成了各种大数据计划。云计算的采用已为公司带来诸多利益,比如提高供应速度、市场投放速度、

Digital transformation in the public sector: balancing the risks with data-driven cyber security

The 35 million people who saw Skyfall back in 2012 were in for a treat – thrills, tension, and a spectacular hacking attempt against the UK public sector. While many have picked up on the evident flaws in the Bond version of MI6’s approach to cybersecurity, the film provokes an interesting reminder that in our rush to digitize public services, there is certainly more to be done in ensuring that these services are secure. Cloud adoption in the public sector has risen to 78% in the UK in 20

“Move to the Cloud” – Beachbody Delivers a Cloud Data Lake and Faster Analytics with Talend and AWS

Like many other sectors, the future of fitness is customized and partially online - though to get results, one will still have to monitor their diet and exercise in real life. With 23 million customers, Beachbody is a worldwide leader in health and fitness. With over 5 million monthly unique visitors, Beachbody started to face some real-time big data challenges. Beachbody was running a conventional on-premises Oracle data warehouse to store i