Get clean, useful data in minutes, not hours

Data preparation for anyone

You know you want the data. Right now. In context. But it has to be right. Talend Data Preparation unlocks data access by making it easy to get data from almost anywhere into your favorite tools.


Clean leads in minutes

"I need to get leads from tradeshows and purchased lists in Salesforce faster so sales can follow up while they’re still hot."

data-prep-quote1 The Field Marketing Manager

Point-and-click visual indicators quickly highlight data problems. Easily merge your email lists with reference data, standardize codifications for job roles or customer segments, and connect clean leads to the sales team in minutes.

Create rules once to reuse again and again

There’s no need to start from scratch when new data arrives. As you work on fixing your data, a recipe tracks your progress. Get it right once and reuse your recipe all the time.

"Every time our data is refreshed, I want an update. Forget monthly reports, I need the data now. And that shouldn’t take hours or put me at risk of making a mistake in each cleanup."

data-prep-quote2 The Marketing Director

Undo, redo, and see what happens

"I work with highly sensitive data and tight timelines. There must be better ways than spreadsheets and macros to prepare data efficiently and share it appropriately."

data-prep-quote1 The Financial Controller

Apply changes and see the impact immediately. Create rules to cleanse and standardize your data, make changes and go back and forth easily to get it right. Now you have valid data and the business rules to get you there.

Optimize your marketing campaigns

Import lead and pipeline data from CRM and marketing automation systems. Use the simple drag-and-drop interface to standardize and merge data from one source to another. Now you can see where you get the best ROI.

"I know I’ve got the data to find the sweet spots in my digital marketing investments, but it’s such a pain to bring it all together. I need help!"

data-prep-quote4 The Digital Marketing Manager

Less time scrubbing, more time analyzing

"Data-driven approaches are transforming my industry and I like to be ahead of the curve. I can’t wait weeks before I can explore and connect new data sources for deeper insights."

data-prep-quote1 The Field Marketing Manager

Data discovery tools like Tableau are great, as long as the raw data is accurate, clean and accessible. But when it’s not, the opportunity is lost. Enrich your analytics by providing access to new data sources in minutes, instead of hours.

Talend Data Preparation Free Desktop

Tired of tearing your hair out to get data from here to there?

Download Talend Data Preparation, a free desktop application that does the work for you.