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Design and Productivity Tools

Generates native Spark Streaming code
Visual mapping for complex XML and EDI on Spark
Spark and MapReduce job designer
Generates native MapReduce and Spark batch code
Hadoop job scheduler with YARN
Hadoop security for Kerberos
Ingestion, loading, and unloading data into a data lake
Eclipse-based developer tooling and job designer
Enterprise SDLC for cloud development, test, and production
Continuous delivery integration and team collaboration with shared repository
Audit, job compare, impact analysis, testing, debugging, and tuning
Metadata bridge for metadata import/export and centralized metadata management
Dynamic schema, re-usable joblets, and reference projects
ETL and ELT support
Change data capture (CDC)
Automatic documentation
Publish to the Cloud


Hadoop components: HDFS, Hbase, Hive, Pig, Sqoop
File management: open, move, compress, decompress without scripting
Control and orchestrate data flows and data integrations with master jobs
Map, aggregate, sort, enrich, and merge data
Internet of Things connectivity: AMQP, MQTT


Cloud: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more
Supported big data distributions: Amazon EMR, Azure HDInsight, Cloudera, Google Dataproc, Hortonworks, MapR
Spark MLlib (classification, clustering, recommendation, regression)
NoSQL: Cassandra, Couchbase, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Neo4j, and more
RDBMS: Oracle, Teradata, Microsoft SQL server, and more
SaaS: Marketo, Salesforce, NetSuite, and more
Packaged Apps: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, and more
Technologies: Dropbox, Box, SMTP, FTP/SFTP, LDAP, and more
Cleansing, masking, and error resolution
Optional 3rd-party address validation services
High-Speed messaging components (Kafka, Kinesis, Flume)

Data Quality and Governance

Data cleansing and masking
Automate data quality error resolution and enforce rules
Semantic discovery with automatic detection of patterns
Comprehensive survivorship
Enrichment, harmonization, fuzzy matching and de-duplication

Big Data Quality

Data cleansing, profiling, masking, parsing and matching on Spark and Hadoop
Machine learning for data matching and deduplication
Support for Cloudera Navigator and Apache Atlas
HDFS file profiling

Advanced Data Profiling

Fraud pattern detection using Benford Law
Advanced statistics with indicator thresholds
Column set analysis
Advanced matching analysis
Time column correlation analysis

Data Preparation and Stewardship

Import, export, and combine data from any database, Excel or CSV file
Export to Tableau
Self-service on-demand access to sanctioned datasets
Share data preparations and datasets
Operationalize preparations into any data and cloud integration flow
Auto-discovery, standardization, profiling, smart suggestions, and data visualization
Auto-discovery, standardization, and auto-profiling of custom semantic types
Smart and selective sampling and full-runs
Data tracking and masking with role-based security
Cleansing and enrichment functions
Data Stewardship App for data curation and certification

Cloud Management

Monitor and manage
User administration and access controls
Connection management
Cloud engines
Remote engines
Exclusive cloud containers