What’s New in
Talend Fall ’17

Introducing Talend Data Preparation Cloud


Anyone Can Be Data-Driven

Talend Fall ’17 release introduces Talend Data Preparation Cloud,
the fastest and easiest way for business users to access, transform, and combine cloud data:

Always-On and Easy
Cleanse Any Data
Secure & Governed
Get up and running in seconds with data preparation as-a-service, with nothing to install, upgrade or maintain.Advanced data preparation capabilities to access any cloud or on-premises source.IT can deliver results quickly to give business users access to the data they need.

Always-On, Easy Data Onboarding

IT can now quickly and easily empower anyone, from data analysts to business users, with self-service access to the data they need for fast insight. Running on the cloud, business users are able to get up and running quickly. Regardless of which cloud your data lives on, or where you want to work with it, Talend Data Preparation Cloud is an always-on, easy-to-use data integration and data preparation application delivered on a governed cloud platform.

Cleanse Any Data

From SaaS apps to cloud databases and the Internet of Things, companies need to manage even more data. In addition to Excel, CSV and databases, business users can now easily access, clean, fix, and format Salesforce and Amazon S3 data. IT can then operationalize preparations in the cloud to natively integrate additional on-premises and cloud storage systems, technologies, SaaS and packaged applications including Amazon, Azure, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and more.

Enhanced Management and Collaboration

Talend Fall ‘17 includes a redesigned administration user experience to assign security privileges, create user groups, and roles. With improved Git functionality, developers can share, collaborate, and reuse integration jobs in a more productive way.

Additional Updates

Talend Integration Cloud

Improve the performance and productivity of your cloud projects:

  • Portal-based access to all role-based applications including Data Preparation Cloud

  • New management user experience, e.g. security, job monitoring, environments management, and more

  • Job Execution API with new and updated operations for starting and enumeration

  • Talend Studio Project Management and Project Authorization using Source Control (Git) directly in cloud extends existing capabilities to teams