Big Data and Hadoop

Putting Big Data and Hadoop to Work For Your Organization: How Talend Makes it Simpler

Hadoop, the open source platform for massively parallel processing of data stored across a large cluster of commodity servers, has emerged as the preferred framework for analyzing "big data" like web server logs, sensor logs, call data records, and email archives. Seeing a potential business intelligence goldmine in big data and Hadoop, a growing number of organizations have deployed or plan to deploy Hadoop clusters. For organizations wanting to benefit from big data and Hadoop without incurring the capital costs of Hadoop setup, Hadoop cluster environments are offered as a cloud service.

With Hadoop clusters on the rise and even available through the cloud, there remains the challenge of efficiently and effectively integrating big data and Hadoop into your broader IT fabric. Talend Open Studio for Big Data helps organizations meet this challenge. The latest breakthrough solution from the open source integration leader, Talend Open Studio for Big Data dramatically simplifies the process of loading data into Hadoop, transforming it there, and extracting processed data from Hadoop to other destination systems.

Graphical Development of Big Data and Hadoop Jobs

By making Hadoop application technologies available through an Eclipse-based graphical development environment, Talend empowers data scientists and developers to design and build Hadoop-centered big data transfer and transformation processes without having to write code or commands. With its built-in process modeler, auto-generation of code, and flexible execution framework, Talend Open Studio for Big Data enables fast, efficient creation and deployment of big data and Hadoop processes like:

  • Loading unstructured data from machine-generated flat files into Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), HBase, or Hive.
  • Leveraging Sqoop to migrate data from relational databases into a Hadoop cluster.
  • Extracting transformed data from Hadoop to destination systems, as a one-off job, batch process, or Hadoop streaming process.

Big Data and Hadoop Seamlessly Integrated into Your IT Architecture

To get the most value from big data and Hadoop, they must be integrated into your broader IT environment and data flows. Talend Open Studio for Big Data paves the way for seamless integration of Hadoop into your data architecture with hundreds of built-in data connectors that make it simple to move data between Hadoop and any major file format, RDBMS, or packaged enterprise application.

Talend Open Studio for Big Data is open source software, free to download and use under an Apache License. For organizations that want to migrate from Talend Open Studio for Big Data to a comprehensive enterprise big data management platform, Talend also offers subscription-based Talend Big Data Platform with support for big data quality improvement and governance, time and event-based jobs scheduling, SOA-enabled big data services, 24x7 technical support, and much more.

Learn more about Talend’s big data solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Big Data today and start benefiting from the leading open source big data tool.