Business Process Simulation

Business Process Simulation in a Complete Open Source BPM Solution

Business process simulation helps business analysts and stakeholders evaluate prospective processes, refine them, and choose among alternatives. Talend, the open source data integration solutions company, has partnered with open source BPM leader BonitaSoft to make powerful business process simulation software available to any organization.

Business Process Simulation Tools for Building Better Processes

Bonita Open Solution is a comprehensive open source business process management (BPM) solution that features versatile, easy to use business process modeling and business process simulation tools. With Bonita's drag-and-drop modeling tools, you can quickly model an existing or prospective operational process or business management process. Once you've modeled a process, you can use Bonita's business process simulation features to test how the process performs under varied conditions.

For example, through Bonita's user-friendly graphical interface, you can:

  • Define the resources required as inputs to each step in the process, including considerations such as resource costs and potential limitations on resource availability.
  • Define time durations associated with process steps, such as the average and maximum execution time expected for a particular step within a process.
  • Define characteristics for transitions within a process flow, such as the probabilities associated with alternative flow paths.
  • Execute business process simulation runs under configurable load profiles, including number of process iterations, parallel versus sequential iteration execution, and so on.
  • Generate business process simulation reports that detail per-iteration and cumulative process duration, resource consumption, costs, and more.

The Complete Solution for Business Process Management

Bonita Open Solution's powerful business process simulation tools are integrated in a complete business process optimization solution that includes:

  • An Eclipse-based business process development environment that makes it simple to create process-oriented applications with little or no manual coding.
  • A high-performance business process engine.
  • More than 100 built-in connectors that facilitate business data integration and business process integration across multiple database systems or enterprise applications.
  • A user experience portal that helps workflow participants efficiently manage to-do lists and track in-progress cases.