Data Cleansing Services

How to Kick-Start a Data Cleansing Services Program

Even for the committed data quality evangelist, launching a corporate data cleansing services program can be a daunting task. Resource constraints and competing priorities may stand in the way, as well as organizational inertia. The best way to generate momentum on behalf of a data cleansing services program is to start with data profiling. A data profiling exercise can kick-start your data cleansing services campaign by:

  • Drawing attention to specific quality issues in your organization's current data stores.
  • Identifying data domains where application of data quality services will yield the most immediate and substantial benefits.

Talend, the open source integration company, empowers the data quality advocate with open source data quality software that lets you immediately undertake data profiling projects while also providing a seamless migration path to enterprise data cleansing services development and delivery.

Data Profiling as a Catalyst to Data Cleansing Services

Talend Open Studio for Data Quality is a free, open source data quality analysis solution that helps organizations initiate a data cleansing services program today rather than some day. Available for immediate download and free to use under a GPL open source license, Talend Open Studio for Data Quality is an easy to use graphical development console in which you can build data profiling jobs that:

  • Connect to and read data from nearly any type of data source including flat files, relational databases, data warehouses, enterprise applications, and cloud data stores.
  • Perform simple or complex statistical analyses on tables, records, and fields.
  • Categorize and evaluate data against customizable SQL-based business rules.
  • Validate data against standard or customized patterns such as postal codes or credit card number formats.

Data profiling results are presented in reports and graphs that show clearly where the data quality deficiencies are and where data cleansing services are most needed.

An Affordable, Versatile Data Cleansing Services Platform

The free, open source Talend Open Studio for Data Quality provides a seamless migration path to Talend Enterprise Data Quality, a subscription-based enterprise data cleaning services platform that costs far less than competing commercial solutions. Talend Enterprise Data Quality delivers all the data profiling capabilities of Talend Open Studio for Data Quality, as well as everything you need to design, develop, test, deploy, and monitor data cleansing services that elevate data quality in target data domains or across the entire enterprise.

In this enterprise data quality application, the Talend graphical development environment is packed with data quality tools that make it easy to design and build data quality processes like:

  • Normalization
  • Matching and de-duplication
  • Enrichment based on reference data
  • Reporting and tracking against customizable KPIs

You can deploy your data quality processes as one-time or scheduled jobs, or as data cleansing services within a service-oriented architecture.

Learn more about Talend’s data quality solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Data Quality today and start benefiting from the leading open source data quality tool.