Data Integration Strategy

Big data requires a superior data integration strategy.

A superior big data integration strategy is essential for organizations seeking to benefit from big data analysis. One of the many advantages of big data is the number of new data sources that organizations can access, integrate, manipulate, and analyze for business intelligence. From sensor data and social data to real-time streaming data from CEP engines and other databases, enterprises today have more information at their disposal than ever before.

But without a state-of-the-art data integration strategy, organizations can waste a great deal of time and resources trying to integrate vastly disparate data sources. Data quality can suffer, undermining the confidence of leaders and their ability to make good decisions based on data. Compliance with regulatory frameworks may be at risk when big data reporting is inadequate. And the cost of managing data can soar as poor big data governance leads to considerable re-work. Developing and executing the right data integration strategy is clearly the key to integrating data more quickly, and using it to gain competitive advantage and drive business performance.

When leading organizations wants the most effective big data integration strategy, they turn to solutions from Talend.

Talend simplifies the enterprise big data integration strategy.

Talend provides a powerful and versatile open source product for big data that enables organizations to develop a more effective data integration strategy. Running 100% natively on Hadoop, Talend provides developers with the tools they need to easily integrate data from any source, regardless of their previous experience in big data or their familiarity with individual sources.

Talend's big data application includes components that let developers work easily with all the technologies in the Hadoop ecosystem, as well as big data/NoSQL and cloud databases. With Talend, developing and implementing a highly effective big data integration strategy couldn't be simpler.

Easy-to-use tools for any big data integration strategy.

Talend provides the all tools that organizations need to execute their big data integration strategy, including tools for:

  • Integration. More than 800 pre-built connectors for big data and NoSQL sources let developers quickly load data from any source into a big data platform, visually mapping sources and targets in an easy-to-use graphical environment.
  • Manipulation. Developers can use the skills they have today to manipulate massive sets of disparate data.
  • Data quality. Talend provides tools to easily remove duplicates, and standardize, parse, enrich and match data. With Talend, it's easy to assess data quality, monitoring the completeness, integrity and accuracy of big data sets.

Learn more about Talend’s big data solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Big Data today and start benefiting from the leading open source big data tool.