Enterprise Service Bus

Talend Delivers Powerful, Affordable Enterprise Service Bus Technology

For enterprise service bus solutions that are both powerful and affordable, organizations large and small are turning to Talend, the leading provider of open source integration software. Talend offers a range of open source enterprise service bus software distributions, tailored to organizations' specific integration needs. Talend Open Studio for ESB is free to download and use for as long as you want, under the Apache open source license. A subscription-based edition is also available, with comprehensive SOA development and management features as well as professional technical support from Talend.

Talend enterprise service bus (ESB) solutions integrate multiple complementary open source technologies into single packages that are pre-configured for fast and easy deployment across a range of environments. Each Talend solution is exhaustively tested by Talend and certified for use in mission-critical deployments.

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Robust, Flexible ESB Functionality

All of Talend's enterprise service bus solutions are based on mature, widely used Apache open source projects and deliver rich, flexible functionality:

  • Distributed, modular architecture. In contrast with centralized hub-and-spoke architectures that pose risks of performance bottlenecks and a single point-of-failure, the Talend enterprise service bus employs a distributed architecture that is lightweight and easily embedded across your existing enterprise infrastructure. Highly modular and pluggable, the Talend enterprise service bus lets you extend endpoints with just the integration services that you need.
  • Intelligent routing and mediation. Talend open source ESB solutions deliver dynamic message routing and mediation capabilities based on custom rules and enterprise integration patterns. These dynamic routing and transformation capabilities enable the solution to easily adapt to changes in your architecture or business rules.
  • Streamlined service enablement. With Talend ESB solutions, developers can quickly and efficiently build web services in a range of modalities including SOAP over HTTP, XML over JMS, RESTful services, and more. The system is extensible to incrementally incorporate advanced features such as data encryption, identity management, and remote service discovery.
  • Open standards compliance. Talend enterprise service bus and SOA integration solutions adhere strictly to open standards, ensuring continued interoperability and agility as your business systems evolve over time.

Learn more about Talend’s application integration solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for ESB today and start benefiting from the leading open source ESB tool.


| Last Updated: October 19th, 2018

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