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ETL with Hadoop

Convert to Hadoop without hand coding

Unlocking the power of Hadoop means connecting large volumes of data from lots of sources, and hand coding in Spark or MapReduce is not easy. Talend simplifies data integration with graphical tools and wizards that generate native code so you can start working with Spark, MapReduce, Hive, and Pig right away and grow your data integration at a predictable cost.


Data Warehouse Offload

Hadoop lowers storage and processing costs over Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) to provide more access to more data. Yet, rebuilding existing data integration flows to populate Hadoop using legacy tools or hand coding is complicated and time consuming. Talend’s drag-and-drop graphical UI makes it easy to create and maintain native MapReduce and Spark code to take full advantage of Hadoop’s capabilities.

Creating a Data Lake

Hand coding a proof of concept in Hadoop can be pretty straight forward, but it doesn’t scale with 10s of data sources and a team of developers. Talend tames the complexity of creating a data lake with a complete platform of integration tools embedded with data quality and governance. Now, you can maintain, reuse, and collaborate across teams from project to project.


High Performance ETL/ELT

Connecting legacy data siloes and adding new big data sources can inject new life and agility into business operations, but not if it grinds processing to a halt. Talend delivers high performance processing in Hadoop by generating native Spark code that runs 5x faster than MapReduce. Because Talend generates native code there is nothing to install, eliminating unnecessary administrative costs and processing overhead.

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