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Finance and HR

Foster a data-driven culture with more access to better data

When HR and finance have faster access to better quality, more accurate data, they can accelerate the adoption of a data-driven culture throughout the organization. Talend connects all your data to empower every employee in the organization with actionable insights and performance measurement tools.


Empower the Data-Driven Workforce

Recruiting and managing employees is a data intensive process that requires HR to enter, maintain, and cleanse data from many systems with input from across the enterprise. Talend delivers the self-service data tools and platform to combine cloud and on-premises data to streamline HR processes from candidate tracking and on-boarding to merit review and compensation analysis to attrition and succession planning.

Trusted Financial Data with Insights

The mandate for accelerated reporting cycles, improved control, auditability and compliance, together with the need to empower decision makers with self-service analytics, is pushing CFOs to modernize their data management. Talend’s end-to-end platform accelerates financial data insight with self-service data preparation, enterprise data integration, quality management, and governance.



Mergers, Acquisitions and Reorganizations

Data management practices can make or break mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations. Talend leverages modern data integration technologies such as self-service data preparation, big data and cloud integration, and data governance platforms to turn uncorrelated data silos into a unified data-driven business asset.

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