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AWS Cloud Integration

Speed development of big data, real-time, and ETL projects

The AWS ecosystem offers businesses agility and cost savings, whether building out new infrastructure to support big data initiatives or migrating existing legacy systems to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Redshift, EMR, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, Aurora, and Kinesis. With Talend, your AWS projects just became more affordable, easier and faster to launch.


Hybrid Data Warehousing

Most companies want to move to the cloud for all their BI needs, but on-premises data warehouses cannot be migrated overnight. A hybrid environment including AWS Redshift offers cost savings and agility without disrupting business operations. Talend’s native connector for AWS Redshift helps you securely migrate data to AWS Redshift over time. Support for data quality profiling enables business users to analyze metadata to optimize their data warehousing jobs.

Real-Time Data Streaming

Transforming real-time data from sensors, web logs, and clickstreams for analysis requires support for a variety of streaming protocols such as MQTT, AMQP, Apache Flume, and AWS Kinesis. Architect your secure, real-time streaming solution with Talend on AWS, using S3, EMR, Apache Spark Streaming, Redshift, Kinesis, and DynamoDB. Ensure strict IT compliance by inheriting credentials from AWS Identity and Access management, and making use of S3 client and server-side encryption.



Cloud Analytics

With the proliferation of powerful cloud analytics apps such as Tableau, Salesforce Wave, and AWS QuickSight, lines of business are integrating data on their own, in the cloud, using AWS Redshift as a cloud data warehouse. Talend enables you to quickly load, transform and cleanse all your data in the cloud so your analytics tools can deliver fast and accurate insight to stakeholders.

Elastic Big Data Deployment

Talend allows you to take advantage of the full elasticity and cost benefits of Amazon by automatically starting and stopping EMR and Redshift clusters when integration jobs are ready to execute. Now, IT departments can better manage the cost of Hadoop and cloud data warehousing jobs while improving productivity and agility.


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