Big Data Integration for Analytics

Discover and act on hidden value in your organization

Big data analytics promises to help your organization uncover the opportunities and efficiencies hidden in your data. Talend helps you deliver big data projects into production faster than any other integration solution.

360-Degree Customer View

To compete for your customers’ trust and loyalty, you need to be able to make the right offer at the right time. Talend provides the integration platform to integrate historic and real-time data with back-end systems to detect behavior and respond in real time based on a complete view of your customer.

Operations Optimization

Optimizing business operations by the right 1% can have a huge impact on your bottom line. The Talend platform helps you optimize the latest big data technologies to collect massive data sets and process them fast, integrating people, processes, systems and partners.



Personalization means finding the drop of relevant data in a sea of internal, partner, and public data to act with insight. The Talend platform speeds integration with reusable components and native code generation so you can quickly connect, cleanse, and create master data at Hadoop scale and Spark speed to guide personalization.

Predictive Analytics

Transform your business with advanced predictive analytics so that you can seize business opportunities or prevent loss before it happens. Talend connects data from all sources, historical and real-time, to better understand your business and your customers, so that you can act in real time.


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