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Cloudera Altus Integration

Spend less time on infrastructure, more time creating insights

Big Data and IoT analytics demand high-performance processing, but managing a Hadoop cluster can be very time consuming, slowing your time to value. Talend is the first data integration solution that runs natively with Cloudera Altus, a new big data as a service platform that makes it easy to run large-scale data processing applications on public cloud.

Easy Data Pipelining in the Cloud

With Talend and Cloudera Altus you can design a data integration pipeline that seamlessly spins up a transient Hadoop and Spark cluster. No need to worry about DevOps or provisioning, the entire server management is done by Cloudera Altus. This is optimal for intensive data processing like machine learning as you can get the processing power you need and just pay for what you use. 

Easily Add Big Data to Your Existing Cloud Architecture

Cloudera Altus and Talend work natively in the Cloud. This makes it easy to add the power of Big Data and Spark to your existing Cloud infrastructure. With Talend you can build batch and real-time data pipelines across best-in-class Cloud services like Cloudera, AWS S3, Kinesis, Spark Streaming and Machine Learning. 

Extend Your On-premise Big Data Projects to the Cloud

Want the best of both worlds? With Cloudera Altus and Talend, you can seamlessly extend your big data projects to the Cloud. This can lower costs and increase agility by providing access to instant capacity to serve peak capacity or new projects. Transparently manage your big data workloads, no matter where your data is being processed.

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