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Google Cloud Integration

Speed development of cloud data warehousing, big data pipelines and streaming analytics

The Google Cloud Platform, in conjunction with Talend’s support for Google BigQuery, Dataproc, and Pub/Sub allows businesses to rapidly create data lakes, execute high-performance cloud data warehousing, and gain real-time insight through streaming analytics. Talend’s native connectivity to numerous Google services increases the productivity and speed of developing your cloud integration pipelines.

Highly Concurrent Data Warehousing

Google BigQuery is a serverless, fully-managed petabyte scale data warehouse which empowers enterprises to execute all their data warehousing operations in a highly concurrent manner. With Talend’s native Google BigQuery connector, Spark jobs can be loaded into BigQuery significantly faster. Talend’s support for deeply hierarchical data allows diverse data types to be analyzed in BigQuery efficiently.

Rapidly build big data integration pipelines

Google Dataproc is a fully-managed Hadoop and Spark service in the cloud. Talend’s native connector for Dataproc combined with extensive machine learning and data quality capabilities on Spark, and support for Hive and Pig, enables you to run the most demanding big data applications.

Real-time Ingestion for Analytics

Google Pub/Sub is a fully-managed real-time messaging service that lets you ingest data from sensors, logs, and clickstreams. Talend’s support for Spark Streaming, Kafka, MQTT, AMQP, and native connectivity to Google Pub/Sub makes it easy to combine historical data with real-time data for a complete 360-degree view of your customers.

Future-Proof Big Data with Apache Beam

Talend and Google are working together on the Apache Beam project. Apache Beam enables you to execute both batch and streaming data processing pipelines across a variety of runtime platforms, including Apache Apex, Apache Flink, Apache Spark and Google Dataflow. By using Apache Beam with Talend, your big data projects are future-proofed, eliminating the need to reconfigure your pipelines to work with new data processing engines. Talend Data Preparation is the industry’s first data application to run on Apache Beam, allowing users to prepare their data once and run them anytime, anywhere, at extreme scale.

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