Talend & Salesforce Einstein Analytics

The Smarter Way to enable Big Data Insights

Talend for Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a secure and managed cloud integration platform that makes it easy to connect, cleanse and share cloud and on-premises data with the Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

As a service managed by Talend, the platform provides instant, elastic and secure capacity so you can easily provide access to business insights with Salesforce Einstein Analytics while increasing agility and lowering operational costs.

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Enable Data-Driven Insights with Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Talend for Salesforce Einstein Analytics uses Talend Integration Cloud to enable real-time analytics at a fraction of the cost of traditional ETL solutions or data warehouse and big data approaches. Talend enables data-driven insights by capturing customer data and market data from all your applications, SaaS solutions like Salesforce, Marketo or Netsuite, Box, Dropbox, Amazon S3, but also on-premises platforms like SAP. It allows you to connect, cleanse, enrich and share this data, with ready-to-use data quality components.

Tap into the power of data warehousing and big data

Talend for Salesforce Einstein Analytics helps you tap into the power of data warehouses and big data, extracting the information you need from all your data sources including Teradata, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgresSQL, MongoDB, Amazon Redshift, AWS EMR, AWS RDS, HDFS, HBase, Hive, Cassandra, SQLite and more. Talend Integration Cloud provides the universal connectivity to ensure Salesforce Einstein Analytics always reflects the complete picture, now and in the future.

Streamline business data analysis with Salesforce Einstein Analytics

After deploying Talend for Salesforce Einstein Analytics, your business teams don’t need to submit requests for IT to extract and clean up the data every time they need it. Data flows into Salesforce Einstein Analytics are automated and accelerated, while Talend Integration Cloud’s business user self-service interface cuts out bottlenecks. Developers stay in control of changing business needs, boosting speed and agility with Talend’s open source community to crowd-source connectors, components and flow templates. Talend for Salesforce Einstein Analytics is deployed at fraction of the cost you would typically expect, up and running in no time.

Talend: Sustainable Success with Salesforce Einstein Analytics

With Talend, there are none of the hidden costs that other vendors tend to conceal when you want to integrate with Salesforce Einstein Analytics. You don’t have to pay extra for “premium connectors”: with every edition, you have access to over a thousand connectors, components and templates, for FREE. This is possible because Talend is truly built around an open source community, on technology from the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and using popular languages such as Java. This means you avoid getting trapped in proprietary technologies and uncommon languages, where development resources are rare. It also means your Salesforce Einstein Analytics deployment won’t come to a halt while you wait for budget approval for a simple new connector.