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Self-Service Data for Anyone

Put more data to work for more people

To be data-driven, you have to put useful data into the hands of all your employees. Talend solutions make it easy for your teams to access data from any business system or the cloud. Governed self-service, including role-based access, masking rules, and workflow-based data curation, empowers decision makers without putting data at risk or undermining compliance.

Self-Service Analytics for Marketing

When sales and marketing can collect, cleanse, and connect the right data, they can act faster and more precisely. Talend breaks the IT bottleneck to data access with a self-service data preparation tool to better target customers and measure ROI.

Data Preparation for Finance

Transforming sensitive data into reports risk management, and financial decisions, requires a layer of transparency and control not offered by stand-alone solutions. Talend’s unified platform accelerates financial data collection and formatting and reduces the cost of compliance. Role-based access to credentialed datasets and governed self-service tools improve confidence and increase access.



Governed Self-Service Data Access

Turn data into valuable, shareable assets 3x faster with automated data preparation, curation, stewardship, including workflows, quality controls, and machine learning. Talend empowers your data experts to publish data in a controlled and managed way with Talend Cloud, Big Data and Data Management platforms.

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