Talend Cloud for Snowflake

Simplify ETL and ELT in the Cloud

Talend Cloud can help you quickly load all your data from any source to Snowflake.
You can customize, enrich, govern, and transform your data as needed.

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Easily move data to Snowflake in minutes

With the industry’s most comprehensive set of connectors, Talend can help you load every type of data into Snowflake from almost any data source. This includes cloud apps such as Salesforce, Marketo, and NetSuite; databases like SAP, Oracle, and RDS; cloud storage including AWS S3, and Azure Blob Storage; and even social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Talend also supports a wide range of data types so you can even ingest semi-structured data like JSON, Avro, and XML files.

Accelerate Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

Talend Cloud and Snowflake are built for the cloud; the elasticity of the cloud makes it simple to ingest and transform extremely large datasets. Talend Cloud lets you prepare your data before loading; then, Talend’s bulk loading components can process data 20X times faster than other solutions. Talend also allows customers to build intelligent data pipelines using Apache Spark. This allows you to clean data and uncover new insights using Spark Machine Learning components.

Build a governed and affordable cloud Data Lake

Snowflake and cloud storage services like Amazon S3 allow customers to build a data lake capable of managing almost any type of data. Talend’s built-in data quality, metadata management, and data stewardship capabilities provide data governance solutions that can scale to handle almost any data volume and thousands of concurrent load, query and users. And all of this doesn’t have to cost a fortune; Snowflake’s unique architecture and Talend Cloud’s predictive pricing make it the most affordable joint data lake solution.

Together, Talend and Snowflake simplify and accelerate big data analytics in the cloud.

To explore further, check out this white paper Build a True Cloud Data Lake and the video to the right on migrating data to your Snowflake data warehouse.