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Make customers for life with personalized messages and product offers

The newest sales and marketing automation tools have the potential to transform your relationship with your customer and truly personalize sales and marketing efficiently. Talend integrates anything, anywhere at the speed and scale of big data so you can act in real time.

360-Degree View of Your Customer

Without timely access to data about your customer, you may be leaving revenue on the table and losing customers to competitors. Use Talend to augment your customer data with clickstream, geolocation, social and sensor data, so you can delight and attract customers before your competitors do.

Clickstream Analysis

With clickstream analysis, marketing managers have the information to answer the most compelling questions about a customer’s online journey. Use your customer’s buy path to recommend products and predict future purchases, Talend can help you integrate web site log data to respond in real time.


Next Best Offer

A next best offer is a win-win for you and your customer: increased satisfaction and more revenue through cross-sell and upsell. Talend integrates internal and external data with historic customer information to apply predictive analytics, so you can make personalized purchase recommendations.

Dynamic Pricing

To optimize product pricing in the moment, you need a complete view of data from customers, partners, and real-time clickstreams. Talend provides support for Spark real-time and Spark machine learning libraries to build recommendation data models, leveraging clickstream data and historical information to optimize pricing.


Sentiment Analysis

The rise in social media offers an unprecedented view into the attitudes of customers towards products, brands, and companies. However, social data is unstructured, voluminous and rapidly changing. Talend integrates and transforms social and big data in real time so you can respond immediately.

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